2020 Newsletters

April 20–26
Shutdown Week 6: Skaters—Surfers With No Sea
Run This City

April 13 – April 19
Shutdown Week 5: The Return of Salty Brine
Salty Brine’s Living Record Collection

April 6 – April 12
Shutdown Week 4: Queen of Narwhals.
10 Things To Do // Catskills Institute [pictured]

March 30 – April 5
Shutdown Week 3: Don’t Show Up. Don’t Come Out.
12 Things To Do // LA Opera [pictured]

March 23 – March 29
Shutdown Week 2: Wagner Week!
Bookshop // Sketchbook Church [pictured]

March 16 – March 22
Shutdown Week 1: If You Liked Cats…

March 9 – March 15
Stupid Daylight Savings Time
Joanne McNeil

March 2 – 8
Five Year Anniversary Email
Like-Ness: Andy Warhol Prints and Photographs

February 24 – March 1
The Cognac is Flattered
Dread Scott, A Tale of Two Cities, Portrait of a Lady on Fire

February 17 – February 23
More Powerful than Two Cleopatras
El Mayor Clasico, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Providence Children’s Film Festival

February 10 – February 16
Problems That Would Cross a Rabbi’s Eyes
Fiddler on the Roof, Riders to the Sea, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

February 3 – February 9
I’ve Had It With Your Drama, Lavinia
Katarina Burin, Jenny Zhang, Color Out of Space, Edward II

January 27 – February 2
Kale Instead of Fries
The Dorrys, The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading

January 21 – January 26
Instruments of Percusssion Such As Drums
An American in Paris; Victoria Phillips; Suddenly, Last Summer

January 13 – January 20
A Key Into the Language of America
Bob Mould, Lorén Spears, Paper Worlds of Native Voices

January 6 – January 12
Cold, Dead, Pernicious Hands
Breachway, Comet Pond, Ip Man 4: The Finale