What To Read: 10/24/16

Boris Mikhailov

What To Read: 10/24/16

The Visa Affair: a radio drama based on Joe Orton’s Kafkaesque story about trying to enter the US for the Broadway premiere of Entertaining Mr. Sloane.

Sarah Schulman on Carson McCullers at the New Yorker.

The new Young Male is really good.

Jonathan Demme’s Justin Timberlake movie sounds pretty great, actually.

Modern Warfare.

Arcade Providence got mentions this week from Today and Country Living.

A history of female presidents.

It’s time to teach AIDS history.

The new Negativland album comes with some of a dead band member’s ashes.

Accessing public records after a mayor blocks you on Facebook.

Chloe Caldwell’s reply to the question on every reader’s mind: But what does your family think about what you’re writing?

Is DNA testing dog shit the most Boston thing you’ve ever heard of?

No sunbathing, no hula hoops: this week I’ve been reading about Branhamism, an obscure evangelical sect. I’m not sure why.

PSA: The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is hosting a summit for men this Thursday.

image: Boris Mikhailov, a Ukrainian artist I was Googling the other day for reasons I no longer remember.