What To Read – 10/31/16

Robert Allen Whitman Prince, Schmitt Music Mural, Minneapolis

What To Read – 10/31/16

Another week, another list: Aquidneck Island – Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth – is voted one of the 10 best islands in the United States.

On the other hand… Freedom of speech: two homeless Newport residents speak out about the city’s aggressive stance on panhandlers.

Good news for Tiverton’s Marsh Meadow Wildlife Preserve.

Here’s a ProJo primer on all the General Assembly races next week.

Meanwhile in Iceland, Yoko Ono is exhibiting a work based on a Yoko Ono joke from a 1993 Simpsons episode.

Inside Beijing’s BMW Museum.

Tom Hardy is going to play Al Capone.

Quebecois flight attendant Gaëtan Dugas did not single-handedly bring HIV to North America, it turns out.

Zoë Quinn is developing a free video game based on the ridiculous erotic novels of Chuck Tingle, author of Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt and Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union.

Dummy presents the 10 best flute and sax samples.

(image:  Robert Allen Whitman, Prince, Schmitt Music Mural, Minneapolis [1977] is now up for auction)