Anniversary Giveaways

rhode island dairy princess wanskuck 1962

Anniversary Giveaways

March 1 is the four-year anniversary of Law and Order Party. What began in 2015 as an email to 25 friends has since expanded to over 2500 weekly email subscribers in the Rhode Island area, who receive updates every Sunday with seven events happening across the state that week – concerts, film screenings, plays, readings, gallery exhibits, and the whole range of performing arts.

Law and Order Party readers are engaged and up to date with what’s happening. They also go out a lot!

To mark its four-year anniversary, Law and Order Party is doing ticket giveaways for the month of March. On Friday March 1 and the five Sundays after that*, subscribers will be alerted to some of the area’s most sought-after tickets, and then have a few days to enter a random drawing for tickets. Each week will feature up to 4 giveaways, keeping with the theme of a 4th anniversary celebration. Weekly giveaways will be limited to one per format – so, only one concert, one play, one festival, one food event, etc.

(Between 2 and 4 tickets will be given away for each event, depending on value, size of the venue, etc.)

Email dates
March 1 (Friday)
March 3 (Sunday)
March 10 (Sunday)
March 17 (Sunday)
March 24 (Sunday)
March 31 (Sunday)

photo: Providence Journal Company: Four-H Clubs, R.I Dairy Princess (1962), via Providence Public Library Digital Collections