Death Drop Gorgeous (2020)

Death Drop Gorgeous

Death Drop Gorgeous is a dragsploitation slasher comedy set in Providence, Rhode Island.

James Payne, Isolation (2020) at Shoreby Hill in Jamestown, RI

Outdoor Arts Experience

Jamestown Arts Center celebrates its 10th anniversary with an island-wide public art project.

Shirley Clarke, Portrait of Jason (1967)

46 Queer Movies To Watch This June

What a difference a year makes. At this time last year the Bristol Art Museum was canceling (and then uncanceling) its own show because of homoerotic imagery, the public library across the street was canceling (and then uncanceling) its own Drag Queen Story Hour, and in Providence protesters were rallying at the Cathedral after Bishop […]

Jake Blount, Spider Tales

Jake Blount, Spider Tales

Musician Jake Blount moved to Providence in February, giving him just a month to find his bearings before everything began shutting down. Since then, he’s been going for lots of long walks, so he’s learning the territory. He just hasn’t really met many people yet.