Year in Books 2016 (Idra Novey, Saleem Haddad, Patrick Modiano)

A Year In Books

I read around two dozen books during 2016 – only about 40% of my Goodreads challenge to read 52 titles. Mostly I read during the early parts of the year, before my eyeballs became fully consumed with depressing online political news. After July I started a lot of books that I lacked the attention span to […]

Leah Piepgras at GRIN Contemporary

The Top 11 Art Exhibits of 2016

Far and away, my favorite art exhibit of the year was the lively group show Flocked Blocked & Stenciled, a wallpaper exhibit curated by Taylor Polites that featured nearly three dozen area artists, including my boyfriend. (His name is Jason Tranchida. He flocked.) In the interest of not being Mr. Nepotism Guy, I’ve excluded that […]

The Top 10 Music Videos of 2016

Here, without further ado, are my Top 10 music videos of 2016. Just kidding! Because I am a ridiculous person who gets carried away easily, I made a Top 40 list of my favorite music videos of the year, a collection of clips that range from grim environmental commentary to loopy Bulgarian Alice in Wonderland […]

Urban Bush Women, Walking With 'Trane

Top 5 Performances of 2016

Law And Order Party is not without its flaws, and chief among them (for me) is that I’m way more likely to check out a play or a film that I can review the following week, as opposed to a live show by a touring band or dance troupe or choral ensemble or whatever. I […]

Trinity Rep's production of Appropriate

Top 10 Plays of 2016

Year-end recaps are subjective by nature and way more so when you’re one person who can’t possibly make it out to every show that’s happening. I saw about two dozen plays this year, representing (by my count) fourteen different companies. Most of them were good! (I counted four clunkers and if you email me privately […]

Alex Anwandter, Siempre Es Viernes en Mi Corazón

The Top 25 Songs of 2016

Click here for a Spotify playlist featuring the 101 songs that made me happiest this year. Those who know me well know my predilection for sad English ladies with their keyboards, but this year five of my personal top 20 songs are in Spanish, a language I don’t speak particularly well. There’s also one in […]

Lady Dynamite

What To Read – 12/18/16

Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale on the importance of DIY spaces. Rhode Island College graduate Viola Davis is profiled in this week’s New Yorker. Vanyaland’s 16 favorite Providence songs of 2016. James Mark has raised the prices at north, and also wrote about why. I’m not a huge TV fan but Lady Dynamite was definitely a 2016 […]