Elite 8, Day 2: March Restaurant Madness

This was the highest-scoring game of the competition thus far. All four teams brought their all, but El Rancho Grande and Rosalina totally whooped the competition. That leaves four teams: El Rancho Grande faces The Slow Rhode next, and then it’s Rosalina v. 10 Rocks.

Elite 8, Day 1: March Restaurant Madness

Eli’s Kitchen put up a good fight but they were no match for The Slow Rhode, who advance to the Final Four. Meanwhile, 10 Rocks scored a big victory over Bayon Café. They too make the Final Four.

Sweet 16, Day 4: March Restaurant Madness

The Division G final might be the biggest game of the Sweet 16. Sixth-ranked north is the only one of last year’s final four still standing, but they’re challenging #1 seed nicks on broadway in the tournament’s biggest division. This could be a call for another one of those progressive dinners, but nicks isn’t actually […]

Sweet 16, Day 3: March Restaurant Madness

Eli’s Kitchen narrowly defeated Mike’s Kitchen by a 9:8 margin for the coveted Division F title. They’ll face The Slow Rhode in the next round. Cranston’s little Bayon Café continues its hot streak, winning 3:2 over El Eden. They face 10 Rocks in the next round.

Sweet 16, Day 2: March Restaurant Madness

Thai Star was the favorite, but 10 Rocks snuck ahead with a “more interesting menu,” according to one voter. Pawtucket won with a 4:3 victory over the Mount Pleasant institution. Meanwhile, The Slow Rhode pulled off an 8:7 victory over Metacom Kitchen. With 53.33333333333% of the votes this is one of the narrower victories of this […]

Sweet 16: March Restaurant Madness

Rasoi definitely has a following – “so good!”, “spicy and good,” “can’t get enough of this place” – but El Rancho Grande sails through with the Division A title. Why? In the words of one voter, “cause they rock, and they’re the hardest working family in the biz.” Next up, they face either Sun & Moon […]

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