Round 2, Day 8: March Restaurant Madness

10 Rocks advances to the Sweet 16, where they’ll face Thai Star for the division title. Division D: top seed The Slow Rhode is located on a back street in the west side of Providence. Slightly out of the way, but not nearly as out of the way as Eli’s, which is on Block Island. […]

March Restaurant Madness: Round 2 Day 7

Round 2, Day 7: March Restaurant Madness

As we get to the end of Round 2, there’s just four more slots to fill in the Sweet 16. nicks on broadway is favored over Mission for one of those positions. But with Perro Salado out of the picture, Mission is Newport’s last chance. The winner will face north for the division championship. Over on […]

Round 2, Day 6: March Restaurant Madness

Mike’s Kitchen of Cranston pulled off a narrow upset over birch in Round 1, but after a slow first quarter they finished Round 2 with a giant lead over Persimmon. Now Mike’s Kitchen faces Eli’s Kitchen for the division title in the Sweet 16 round. Either way, some guy’s kitchen will be the winner? Cranston […]

Round 2, Day 5: March Restaurant Madness

Rosalina triumphed with a stunning 6:1 win over Boat House, with voters commenting on “the best eggpant!” and the “pork chop mashed potatoes.” They advance to the Sweet 16 where they’ll face Broadway Bistro for the division title. Perro Salado is a “great spot” with “that backroom bar,” but they fell hard in their match […]

Round 2, Day 4: March Restaurant Madness

Back when this tournament started I declared Division C the one to watch, and wow oh wow. Oberlin, reigning champs, Duked out in a surprise 5:4 loss to Eli’s Kitchen. (Yes, Eli’s Kitchen is ranked higher, but still.) Strong showing from Warren, with two of their restaurants now in the Sweet 16. Eli’s goes on […]

Round 2, Day 3: March Restaurant Madness

Matunuck Oyster Bar is one of the highest-ranked restaurants in the whole competition, but they really flamed out when matched against north. Providence beats South Kingstown by a margin of 13:2. Their Sweet 16 match will be against either Mission or nicks on broadway. Sun & Moon is proving to be a real competitor, too. They […]

Round 2, Day 2: March Restaurant Madness

Metacom Kitchen had no trouble at all winning the Battle for Warren against Bywater. They maintained a healthy lead all through Saturday and wound up Sunday morning with 71% of the votes. You’ll see them next Sunday in the Sweet 16. They’ll go on to face the winner of the Eli’s/Slow Rhode Match. Rim Nahm […]