Division H: Coastal / Beefy Division

March Restaurant Madness: Boat House / Bouchard

Division H: Coastal / Beefy Division

Broadway Bistro (1) v. Beef Barn (8)
Rosalina (2) v Scales and Shells (7)
The Boat House (3) v Bouchard’s (6)
Enoteca Umberto (4) v The Bridge (5)

Ahh, the Beef Barn. Located on the North Smithfield-Woonsocket line , this descriptively titled burger place is an old favorite for many a Rhode Islander. It’s also one of only a small handful of things you can probably name about North Smithfield. In their debut matchup they face Broadway Bistro, which at this point is one of the older restaurants in that part of Federal Hill that people pretend isn’t Federal Hill. Speaking of Federal Hill, Atwells Avenue is represented here by Enoteca Umberto, who face Westerly’s popular Bridge. Also on the Italian front, Rosalina’s faces Newport’s Scales and Shells, while fellow islanders Bouchard’s face Tiverton’s waterfront Boat House.

1. Broadway Bistro
205 Broadway, Providence

2. Rosalina
50 Aborn Street, Providence

3. Boat House
227 Schooner Drive, Tiverton

4. Enoteca Umberto
256 Atwells Avenue, Providence

5. Bridge
37 Main Street, Westerly

6. Bouchard Restaurant
505 Thames Street, Newport

7. Scales & Shells
527 Thames Street, Newport

8. The Beef Barn
1 Greenville Road, North Smithfield