Division D: The (Mostly) Newcomers

March Restaurant Madness: Chair 5 v Eli's

Division D: The (Mostly) Newcomers

The Slow Rhode (1) v Tomaselli’s at Rosario (8)
Massimo (2) v Bywater (7)
Metacom Kitchen (3) v Posillipo (6)
Chair 5 (4) v Eli’s [Block Island] (5)

Calling Division IV the Longshot division might not be totally fair, since last year the lowest seed in the conference (Oberlin, then three months old) ended up winning the championship. But the rankings are based on the overall number of ratings on that site, the one where everyone is yelling for help, so the restaurants in this division tend to be either a) new or b) under the radar or c) in Warren. This division also feature’s the competition’s only entrant from Block Island. (Unfortunately, that place has the same name as a different restaurant in Warren, so hopefully this doesn’t get too complicated down the line.) Two actual Warren eateries – Bywater and Metacom Kitchen –are up, as well as a trio of Italian places, in Federal Hill (Massimo), Silver Lake (Tomaselli’s), and the North Providence/Johnston line (Posillipo). The top seed, though, is The Slow Rhode, a year-old place tucked into Providence’s West Side.

1. The Slow Rhode
425 West Fountain Street, Providence

2. Massimo
134 Atwells Avenue, Providence

3. Metacom Kitchen
322 Metacom Avenue, Warren

4. Chair 5
1208 Ocean Road, Narragansett

5. Eli’s
456 Chapel Street, New Shoreham

6. Posillipo
103 Waterman Avenue, North Providence

7. Bywater
54 State Street, Warren

8. Tomaselli’s at Rosario
17 Rosario Drive, Providence

images: Chair 5/Facebook and Eli’s/Facebook