Division B: The Pan-Asian-ish Division

March Restaurant Madness: Boru / Red Rice

Division B: The Pan-Asian-ish Division

Ebisu (1) v Noodle Revolution (8)
Sun & Moon (2) v Mi Ranchito (7)
Boru (3) v Red Rice (6)
King’s Garden (4) v O Dinis (5)

Eight restaurants representing at least seven different cuisines… Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Guatemalan, Portuguese, and that sort of Cambodian-inspired pan-Asian that used to be all the rage in these parts. Cranston’s go-to shabu shabu place faces Westerly’s Noodle Revolution, who got bumped up a division after making the Final Four last year. (They’re surely the hardest restaurant to peg. Not too many restaurant menus feature drunken noodles, calamari AND gravlax.) Sun and Moon is one of the state’s oldest Korean restaurants, and they’re up against Guatemalan by the Armory. Boru is on Newport’s scenic Broadway, perhaps giving them an advantage over Red Rice (which is in that confusing netherland by the Warwick Mall). Meanwhile, a recently rejuvenated King’s Garden faces the king of East Providence Portuguese.

1. Ebisu
38 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston

2. Sun & Moon
95 Warren Avenue, East Providence

3. Boru
36 Broadway, Newport

4. King’s Garden
90 Rolfe Square, Cranston

5. O Dinis
579 Warren Avenue, East Providence

6. Red Rice
336 Bald Hill Road, Warwick

7. Mi Ranchito
1516 Westminster Street, Providence

8. Noodle Revolution
87 Oak Street, Westerly