Division E: Largely Thai Division

March Restaurant Madness: Thai Star / Dabbawala Lunch Box

Division E: Largely Thai Division

Thai Star (1) v Dabbawala Lunch Box (8)
Ten Rocks (2) v El Paisa (7)
Chengdu Taste (3) v Thailand (6)
Mi Guatemala (4) v Rim Nahm (5)

There are a total of three Thai restaurants in this competition and as luck would have it all three of them fell into this group of eight. Thai Star has been in business since 1999, whereas Thailand is only about six months old, and somewhere in the middle Rim Nahm is holding it down for Pawtuxet Village. It’s possible that all three could advance to the second round, but they face competition from Indian newcomer Dabbawala Lunch Box, Chinese from Chengdu Taste, and Guatemalan from Mi Guatemala. The final match features Colombia taking on Cape Verde (or, if you prefer, Central Falls taking on Pawtucket) with forty-year old El Paisa facing the tapas from Ten Rocks.

1. Thai Star
1088 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence

2. Ten Rocks
1091 Main Street, Pawtucket

3. Chengdu Taste
701 Main Street, Pawtucket

4. Mi Guatemala
1049 Atwells Avenue, Providence

5. Rim Nahm
2212 Broad Street, Cranston

6. Thailand
292 Atwells Avenue, Providence

7. El Paisa
598 Dexter Street, Central Falls

8. Dabbawala Lunch Box
2009 Smith Street, North Providence