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When Law and Order Party reconcepted itself on March 1, we didn’t expect the new format to fall apart so quickly. Longer form exhibit reviews? Not really possible when galleries and museums are all closed! Nine events happening around the state each week? Good luck with that. A new section dedicated to out-of-state day trips? Ha!

Because of safety issues, there will be no Law and Order Party Summer Guide this year. That’s far and away the most popular part of this site, and one of the most fun to put together, but it just wouldn’t make any sense right now.

For the moment, and for the foreseeable future, Law and Order Party will provide you with a weekly mix of ONLINE events to know about, some local and some not so local. Once the surge is past and we can once again appear in public, we’ll start presenting events again. In the meantime, consider supporting Law and Order Party either financially or just by telling your friends about it.

May 31 2020


Date: May 31, 2020


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