The Hypochondriac

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The Hypochondriac

Hypochondriac Burbage Theatre Company

Molière’s 1673 satire The Hypochondriac is a cautionary tale about the emergent field of medicine, written when the discipline was dominated by roaming hucksters looking to make a quick franc. (In an ironic twist of fate, the playwright actually collapsed on stage while playing the hypochondriac and died soon after.) Burbage’s new production of the farce is completely ridiculous and very, very funny. Argan (F. William Oakes) pretends to be ill for the attention, but gets so obsessed with his ailments that he tries to marry his daughter (Gabrielle McCauley) off to an idiot doctor (Ryan Leverone) to money on his medical bills. Oakes goes full Looney Tunes as the title character, getting so apopleptic that you expect steam to shoot out of his ears. The robust supporting cast includes a lot of good screamers, including Oakes’s fellow Dorrys nominees Valerie Westgate and Kelly Robertson.

November 23 2018


Date: November 23, 2018
Time: 8:00 pm
Cost: $25
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