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Law And Order Party

As Law And Order Party enters its third (?!) year, we’re hoping to expand its pool of contributors. Pitch single stories about local food and restaurants, or apply to write a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly column for the site. Writing is currently unpaid – sorry – and there’s no point getting smarmy and saying the exposure will get you anything. But L&OP is a good outlet for smart, engaged writers in the area to share their opinions, and the time commitment is pretty minimal. Plus it’s fun?

Here are some things to consider:

Short Features
Interviews, profiles of notable figures, quirky Rhode Island stories, histories of local street names, photo diaries… Email party@lawandorder.party with stories (under 1000 words, please), or pitch your ideas for short features.

Food / Restaurants
Do you like eating in restaurants? Do you have opinions about restaurants but feel silly contributing to the restaurant review industrial complex? Send us your writing. We’re looking for short (100-500 words) pieces on local food. Not full reviews, mind you, but short essays about your experience at one local restaurant. It can be personal. It can be clinical. Just keep it interesting. And relatively short.

We’re also interested in writing about local food stories. The rise and fall of pan-Asian restaurants, the weird vegetable you saw last week at the farmers market, the story of the Fall River chow mein sandwich, antique menus, or previews of local food events.

If you’re interested, email party@lawandorder.party with the subject line “RESTAURANT REVIEW” or “FOOD STORY” (whichever is appropriate) and include a brief bio (just a sentence or two will be fine) along with your writing sample. PLEASE indicate whether you have any affiliation with the restaurant you’re reviewing. If your cousin is the dishwasher or you got fired from waiting tables or they promised you a free shot for saying something nice, just say so up front.

Also, Law And Order Party is looking for columnists who will commit to writing very short (150-400) word essays on a weekly or monthly basis. Here are just a handful of subjects you could potentially cover:

We’re looking for a monthly book reviewer to cover new titles by local authors. Big names – the Bruce Da Silvas and Ann Hoods – as well as self-published writers and those who aren’t household names yet.

Are you interested in all kinds of sporting events? Do you maybe follow the PawSox and P-Bruins but you’re also willing to investigate the local amateur hurling, curling, pro wrestling, and college scenes in both men’s and women’s sports.

Do you like feasts and festivals? Tell readers which ones are worth your time, whether it’s an unusual church feast, town celebration, or some other unusual gathering of like-minded people.

Do you miss the Society page of the newspaper? Rhode Island is a non-profit driven state, and every week there’s tons of events happening all over the state to benefit some organization or other. Help us figure out which ones deserve our readers’ attention.

Other Places 
People like day trips! If you’re in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or southern New Hampshire, let us know which cultural events are worth a hop in the car to check out.

People like to know where to go, but what do they do on their nights home? We’re looking for someone with strong opinions about what you should be watching and why, either on Broadcast TV or in the archives of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Are you flustered by the potential loss of WUMD? Are you devastated that John Garabedian has retired from Open House Party? Are you someone who listens to podcasts? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to be our local radio correspondent.

Video Games
We’re not up on current gaming trends, but maybe you are? It’s a whole wide world out there and we’re looking for someone to help navigate it.

Something Else
Got another idea? Drop a line.

February 28 2017


Date: February 28, 2017
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