The Altruists

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The Altruists

Valerie Westgate, Courtney Stafford and Kevin Broccoli in Nicky Silver's The Alchemists at Burbage Theatre Company. (photo: James Lastowski)

Nicky Silver’s The Altruists is a sneering satire about vapid activists living in turn-of-the-millennium New York, a metropolis filled with narcissistic people who are gleefully terrible to one another. The cluster of anti-establishment cretins is bankrolled by a delusional soap star who walks around with a handgun in her purse. Valerie Westgate clearly has a ball playing vapid, shrill Sydney, and her comedic energy carries a huge chunk of the play. Everyone’s making their way to a rally, though nobody can remember what it’s for, or which bombs to bring. But things get complicated when someone kills someone else, and the circle of frenemies is invaded by a homeless, gay-for-pay hustler. Played with calm reserve by Courtney Stafford, he’s a dim but well-meaning introvert who’s far too downtrodden to exist in the same play as these other characters.*

* I’ve been racking my brain since Saturday trying to think of a single other play or movie or book where an adult male hustler has a pimp.

photo: James Lastowski

April 07 2017


Date: April 7, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $20
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276 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903 United States

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