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amy adams in vice (adam mckay, 2018)

I first really noticed Amy Adams ten years ago in the terrible Julie & Julia, a film I disliked so much that it took me about a decade to finally realize what a great actress she is. I’ve seen Adams in so many movies, mostly regarding her as a blank slate, as unremarkable as her plain name. That was unfair, because she’s so much more than that, whether she’s hanging out with Muppets (The Muppets) or teaching aliens how to communicate (Arrival) or painting creepy doll-eyed humans (Sad Eyes) or conning organized crime figures (American Hustle) or quietly manipulating her weird cult leader husband (The Master) or reading her ex-husband’s strangely Catholic novel for the entire duration of a movie (Nocturnal Animals). She debuted in Y2K-era teen trash like Drop Dead Gorgeous and Cruel Intentions 2, but she gets so into every role that all these years later I doubt I’d recognize her if we passed on the sidewalk. I liked Vice for a lot of reasons, perhaps none more than Adams’ performance as no-nonsense Lynne Cheney.

Vice is playing at Showcase Cinemas (Providence Place/Warwick), Regal Cinemas (Swansea/Stonington), Cinemaworld Lincoln, and Island Cinemas 10, and if it gets a Best Picture nomination it will probably still be at all of them on Sunday.

January 27 2019


Date: January 27, 2019
Cost: $6.95 – $12.75
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