Fall Movie Preview

The last time I wrote a Fall Movie Preview was in 2015, when I was writing LGBT news. My predictions weren’t very good at all; about half of the movies I mentioned were never released in a major way, while the other half included the much maligned Stonewall, the barely seen Tom Hardy twin thriller Legend, and some random things that I threw in for the sake of my (largely nerdy) audience, like the Goosebumps movie.

So this time I’m not going to sit here predicting whether or not it’ll be worth waiting to see Kenneth Branagh in a walrus mustache solving a Murder On the Orient Express. (For the record, though, the trailer is a campy masterpiece in and of itself.) Instead, here are ten local film events that I’m looking forward to this fall:

The Columbus Film Club is on a roll with their ongoing Sunday afternoon programming. Coming up: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (September 10), Looking For Mr. Goodbar (September 17), and The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant (October 1).

The Bucket Brewery also has a regular Thursday night thing going with slightly more mainstream options. October is dedicated to Halloween (of course) and they’ve got the original Nightmare on Elm Street (Oct. 5), Friday the 13th (on Friday the 13th), Army of Darkness (Oct. 19), and Halloween (Oct. 26).

For less basic terror, check out what Dreadphile Cinema Club is up to. They’ve got something (not yet announced) in the works for Halloween, too. Oh, and people who grew up in the general Boston area might remember the Creature Double Feature on WLVI-56. Well, a group of enthusiastic fans now stage regular Creature Double Feature roundups in Attleboro, the next of which happens on September 23.

“Who wants to be well-adjusted when it’s much more fun to have an exciting obsession?” That’s the thesis behind Warwick Library’s Thrilling Obsessions series (Thursdays, October 5-26), which includes Night of the Hunter, Harold and Maude, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Cutter’s Way.

Speaking of libraries, Barrington Library just had a major second floor renovation. But they’re bringing back their Wednesday afternoon movie series with Scales of Justice (September 13-October 4), four courtroom dramas from the late Eisenhower era: 12 Angry Men, Witness for the Prosecution, Anatomy of a Murder, and Inherit the Wind.

Then there’s a whole bunch of film series and festivals centered around specific cultures.

Each fall the Brazil Initiative at Brown’s Watson Institute throws CineBrasil (September 22-24), an annual fest showcasing features that would probably never be shown otherwise in this country. The Watson Institute is a fun place to watch movies because the tiered room makes you feel like you’re at the UN or something.

The Providence Latin American Film Festival (PLAFF) celebrates its 25th year with screenings from September 22-October 1. Warwick Library’s showing four titles from the US, Cuba, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, but the full schedule’s not online yet.

Westerly’s Dante Society is running its annual Cinema Italiano festival on Mondays in October at Westerly Library. (Not on Columbus Day, but the other four Mondays.) That schedule should be announced soon.

The Cable Car is hosting the first annual Cape Verdean American Film Festival (October 13-15), featuring “independent Films from Cape Verde, Brazil and West Africa as well as American films from all ethnicities.” I’m not so sure about that last part, but we’ll see when the schedule is released.

Finally, fans of anime legend Hiyao Miyazaki will be glad to know the Studio Ghibli Fest isn’t over yet at the Providence Place and Warwick Showcases. There’s upcoming screenings of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (September 24-27), Spirited Away (October 29-November 1), and Howl’s Moving Castle (November 26-29).