Further Reading: Female Bank Robbers Edition

creepy dolls

Further Reading: Female Bank Robbers Edition

Take a Rhode Tour of local sites related to the Dorr Rebellion, which is where Law And Order Party got its name from.

The excellent new Chelsea Wolfe album is streaming on NPR, which is also hosting the new album from the Clientele. I pretty much only like the Clientele on drizzly fall days so this is well timed.

Cordon Bleu trained chef Kelis has released her milkshake recipe and it’s definitely better than yours (provided you like booze, ginger, and cayenne pepper).

The curse of soul singer Evie Sands.

This one’s from last month but wow do I have a lot of tabs open right now: books and the boredom boom.

A look at Hilma af Klint, the Swedish mystic who was also the world’s first abstract artist.

Here’s a completely gut-wrenching story about DACA information and how it could be used against people.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but Sarah Weinman’s The Crime Lady newsletter is a must-read full of links that will suck up the rest of your day. This time, it’s surveillance stills of Female Bank Robbers and the University of Pittsburgh’s crime-solving club that are worth reading about.

Finally, why are we so obsessed with creepy dolls? I’m looking at you, Talky Tina.