Further Reading – March 1, 2017

Bill Paxton in New Order's Touched By The Hand of God video

Further Reading – March 1, 2017

Everyone in the art world is at Armory Week. GRIN got some coverage from W Magazine.

An Argentinian curator was recently denied entry into the United States, even though he lives here.

The newly relaunched Evergreen Review looks exciting.

The story of Norman Mailer and Jack Henry Abbott.

Actor Bill Paxton passed away last weekend. Let us never, ever forget his appearance alongside Rae Dawn Chong in New Order’s insane, Kathryn Bigelow-directed video for “Touched By The Hand of God”. (Watch above.)

Hazlitt has an appreciation of Cher’s 1980s Serious Actress phase.

The Gamm is first theater out of the gate announcing their next season – plays by an all-white, all-male, mostly dead batch of playwrights. Focusing on the classics is one thing, but then the Providence Journal covered the news by framing it around our “national mood,” whatever that is. (I feel like our national mood is talking a lot about race and women and despair but what do I know.)

Speaking of which, Providence recently came in as the country’s 4th most diverse medium sized city (and 12th most diverse overall.)

Day trip! Cornell Farm in Dartmouth, Mass. looks like the perfect place to spend an eerily warm winter.

And two pieces of interesting but gloomy reporting:

The Strange Case of the Russian Diplomat Who Got His Head Smashed In On Election Day


Our Miserable 21st Century.