Further Reading: Sea Otter Awareness Week Edition

sea otter by linda tanner / goingslo (via Flickr)

Further Reading: Sea Otter Awareness Week Edition

An exhibit on censorship was itself censored in a Foxboro public library.

Speaking of which, it’s Banned Books Week.

ROAD TRIP! Tom Burr’s installation in New Haven’s Pirelli Building is up through November. That’s the Brutalist wonder that for the last few years has been reduced to billboard status for the neighboring Ikea.

ANOTHER ROAD TRIP! Celebrated Homecoming author Yaa Gyasi will be in New London on Wednesday.

Art collector Agnes “Aggie” Gund is donating $100 million to a fund whose goal is to end mass incarceration.

Onboarding, dog whistle and bibimbap have all been deemed dictionary worthy.

A look at collectors who buy fussy perishable art.

How Bullwinkle Taught Kids Sophisticated Political Satire.

It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week.

Otto the Otter has been released into the sea.

The Cautionary Tale of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

Reclaiming the Native American Swastika.

(image by Linda Tanner /  via Flickr)