Labor Day Weekend at the Movies

Saaho movie stills

Labor Day Weekend at the Movies

Okay, last movie update of the summer season! Next week I’ll switch back to typing them out like a normal human, although believe it or not I save at least an hour a week by handwriting these things.

A few things to note this week, because one sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper is only so big:

The biggest is that the movie listings will now come out on Thursday, with coverage extending from Thursday through the following Wednesday. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that a lot of movies are now released on Thursday night instead of Friday morning. Also, Thursday is a big night for repertory screenings, and posting them seven days out seems confusing. (That’s why Dreadphile’s Re-Animator, NewportFILM’s Gay Chorus Deep South, and surf documentary Heavy Water appeared on last week’s list. I excluded them from this week’s top five.)

The new Indian action thriller Saaho is playing in IMAX with Telugu dialogue and English subtitles, but it’s also playing in 2D at Providence Place in both Telugu and Tamil. In Bellingham, meanwhile, you can see it in Hindi or Telugu. Very confusing, but if you actually speak any of those languages you probably care a lot.

The new Mexican rom-com at #3 is technically called Tod@s Caen.

This is the last weekend for the season that the Rustic Tri-Vue Drive-In is open seven days a week. They’ll stay open on the weekends through Halloween but no more weeknight screenings.

The Columbus Theatre is in Providence. Wilcox Park and Westerly Library are both in downtown Westerly. The Jane Pickens is in Newport. Assembly Theatre is in Harrisville, and the 7:30pm screening of The Neverending Story is preceded by a 6pm game of Stranger Things trivia. The movie’s free but trivia costs a few dollars.

This is traditionally a weak weekend for movies, so studios tend to dump out clunkers and specialty re-releases, which is why Spider-Man: Far from Home and Midsommar are back in theaters and even longer than they were the first time.