Law and Order Party is 4

Julianne Moore in The Big Lebowski (1998)

Law and Order Party is 4

The first Law and Order Party newsletter went out on March 1, 2015. The recipients: 25 friends. The open rate: 100%. Only one person unsubscribed.

For the first six months, the list had no name, and every email began with What’s Happening This Week as I tried to figure out a name that was memorable and Rhode Island related but wasn’t, like, the Quahog Gazette or something. There was no website, and it was more or less invite-only until I worked the bugs out.

Flash forward four years and here we are! Over 2,500 subscribers plus hundreds of events each year, including a Summer Guide, a Holiday Guide, and of course The Dorrys.

Now might be a good time to mention that I mostly don’t make any money doing this! That’s why I recently set up a Patreon, where readers can subscribe for as little as $1/month. I’ve only got a handful of benefactors, currently, so please consider supporting the project. I’m hoping that by the end of March I can get up to $100/month.


Also, since it’s a birthday and birthdays are for celebrating, I’m giving a bunch of tickets away! Through the month of march, look for giveaways to local concerts, plays, dance performances, and more.

First up: tickets to see Hiss Golden Messenger at the Knick in Westerly. The all-ages concert is TOMORROW (Saturday 3/2) so enter right away if you’d like to see the show. The winner will be selected randomly at noon tomorrow. By the way, Hiss Golden Messenger just released two new songs on Wednesday.

The second offer is for the dance lovers: a pair of tickets (worth $150) for A Collection of Attitudes, the spring opener from Island Moving Company. That takes place next Friday, March 8 at Rosecliff (7pm).

A couple of rules: you can enter as many or as few ticket giveaways as you like, but you can only win once in a 30-day period. Each contest is only open to Law and Order Party subscribers (aka the people who get the emails every Sunday). If you’re not subscribed yet, try it out! You can opt into the list when you enter for either giveaway below.

Winners will have 24 hours to claim their tickets (except for the Hiss Golden Messenger one, because there’s only 8 hours between the drawing and the concert). After 24 hours, a second name will be drawn.

Finally, you might be wondering what Maude Lebowski is doing up there at the top of this page. On March 1, 2015, there was a totally random screening of The Big Lebowski at the Avon, and it was the first thing I ever covered. In my review I mentioned that I had seen the film exactly once in 1999, and all I really remembered was how great Julianne Moore was. My first feedback was later that day, from a reader informing me that Julianne Moore is the most overrated actress in Hollywood and should have been driven out of town years ago.

Your feedback is always welcome!

Hiss Golden Messenger

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