Letter from the Editor

March 1, 2020

Hello! You may have noticed some changes at Law and Order Party today. The website looks a little bit different and the email newsletter has also gotten a facelift. Gone are the color coding (red for art, green for movies…) and the seven event descriptions. Instead, you’re getting a much longer (well, for me) review of a single event, plus a very exclusive list of other cultural events that are happening in the area.

After five years of reviewing plays and films and art shows while trying to keep up on author events and live music, I decided I was maybe spreading myself a little too thin. I’ve also been finding the 100 word limit pretty constricting lately and I wish I’d had space to write much more about Edward II, Dread Scott, or Birds of Prey (to name just three recent examples).

Here’s what this means for you:

  1. You’ll still have something to do every day. In some cases you may even have more than one thing to do.
  2. Art openings! I rarely had a chance to write about gallery openings, but now they will be listed regularly.
  3. I’ve added a few new categories that readers have asked for: fundraisers and charitable events, for instance, as well as art classes and workshops. I’ve also added a sports category, which is something I’ve been talking about for years.

Also, the website will no longer be updated with daily listings. Old events are still archived, but moving forward events will ONLY be listed in the newsletter.

Finally, Patreon subscribers will get a bonus newsletter every month. In some cases, this will entail a new feature, Go Away, in which I highlight an event happening outside of Rhode Island but within a reasonable driving distance.

Let me know what you think. This is new to me, too, so I’m happy to hear your feedback.