Division F: The Underdogs

RI Restaurant Madness

Division F: The Underdogs

Churrascaria Marques (1) v Monrovia (8)
Julianna’s (2) v Café Central (7)
El Eden (3) v Beirão (6)
Bayon Cafe (4) v La Fama (5)

The underdog bracket: Peruvian, Cambodian, Dominican, Portuguese, and even a Liberian/soul food hybrid. This division could really go to any one of these eight places, only two of which (Portuguese outposts Café Central and Beirão) appeared in the competition last year. Also only one of the eight seems to have a functioning website. To give you an idea of this division’s anything goes factor, notice that the top seed is in Cumberland, which is hardly a major restaurant destination.

1. Churrascaria Marques
88 Broad Street, Cumberland

2. Julianna’s
553 Hartford Avenue, Providence

3. El Eden
1110 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence

4. Bayon Café
745 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston

5. La Fama
549 Broad Street, Providence

6. Beirão
1374 Broad Street, Central Falls

7. Café Central
173 Bradford Street, Bristol

8. Monrovia
15 Gansett Avenue, Cranston

(images: Churrascaria Marques/Facebook and Monrovia/Facebook)