Movie Lounge – March 16

Blow-Up (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966)

Movie Lounge – March 16

Movie Lounge is a feature at Law And Order Party where we list ten movies screening this week that we might not have actually seen but which we’re presenting as a ranked list, anyway, based on how much they might be worth checking out.

March 9 – March 15

1. Blow-Up (1966) (*****)
directed by Michelangelo Antonioni
starring David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave, and Veruschka
part of Cinema Ritrovato On Tour
playing Saturday 3/17 at Granoff Center (7pm)

2. Love, Simon
directed by Greg Berlanti
starring Nick Robinson, Miles Heizer, and Keiynan Lonsdale
playing daily at all the big movie theaters

3. Star Wars Marathon
starring Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford
closing party for The Bucket Brewery
Sunday 3/18
Rogue One (10am), Star Wars (12:30pm), The Empire Strikes Back (2:45pm), Return of the Jedi (5pm) The Force Awakens (7:30pm)

5. Thoroughbreds
directed by Cory Finley
starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke, and Anton Yelchin
playing daily at Cinemaworld Lincoln and Showcase Cinemas (Providence Place / Warwick only)

5. Vertigo (1958) (*****)
directed by Alfred Hitchcock
starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, and Barbara Bel Geddes
playing Sunday and Wednesday at Showcase Cinemas – Providence Place / Warwick only

6. Left on Pearl
directed by Susan Rivo
featuring Christopher Jencks, Madge Kaplan, and Ray Magliozzi
playing Sunday 3/18 at Everett (3pm)

7. Have a Nice Day (Hao jile)
directed by Xian Liu
Mandarin with English subtitles
voiced by Changlong Zhu, Kai Cao, Jian Liu
opens Friday 3/16 at Avon Cinema

8. Kirrak Party
directed by Sharan Koppisetty
starring Nikhil Siddharth, Samyuktha Hegde, Simran Pareenja
opens Friday 3/16 at East Providence 10

9. Happy End
directed by Michael Haneke
starring Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, and Mathieu Kassovitz
opens Friday 3/16 at Cable Car Cinema

10. Four Games In Fall
directed by Julie Marron
starring John Leonard, Atticus Marron, and Daniel Goldberg
Wednesday 3/21 at Jane Pickens Theater (7:30pm)

Also opening this week

7 Days In Entebbe
Tomb Raider
The Young Karl Marx

Still in Theaters

Call Me By Your Name (*****) (East Providence 10)
Black Panther (**** 1/2) (all the big movie theaters*)
Lady Bird (**** 1/2) (East Providence 10)
I, Tonya (****) (Avon Cinema)
Game Night(*** 1/2) (all the big movie theaters*)
The Shape of Water (***) (Showcase Cinemas – Providence Place/Warwick, Route One Cinema Pub, and Entertainment South Kingstown)
Coco (East Providence 10 and Route One Cinema Pub)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (East Providence 10 and Route One Cinema Pub)

* All the big movie theaters:
Cinemaworld Lincoln
Entertainment South Kingstown
Island Cinema 10
Regal Cinemas Stadium Swansea
Showcase Cinemas North Attleboro
Showcase Cinemas Providence Place
Showcase Cinemas Seekonk
Showcase Cinemas Warwick
Showcase Cinemas Warwick Mall

**At the moment Regal Cinemas Swansea – and for that matter the whole Regal Cinemas chain – is owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group, which I don’t recommend supporting. But the chain was recently sold and the transition is supposed to happen by March.