September Art Preview

Arghavan Khosravi, Let Me Hold You Tight

September Art Preview

Ten shows to check out this September, arranged by exhibition opening date.

pictured: Arghavan Khosravi, Let Me Hold You Tight
(on view at Newport Art Museum)

priscilla carrion te de la tarde (detail)
Priscilla Carrion: Sembrando Semillas
August 28 – October 5
Sarah Doyle Gallery
26 Benevolent Street, Providence
Opening reception Thursday, August 30 (12-2pm)

Eucharist_Chandeliers_Catholic Altar Bread and Steel_2018_JocelynFoye
Jocelyn Foye: New Work / Jason Smith: Missing Links
September 1 – October 6
Hera Gallery
10 High Street, Wakefield
Opening reception Saturday, September 8th (6-8 PM)
pictured: Jocelyn Foye, Eucharist Chandelier

Madeline Walker_Bloom_2018
Madeline Walker: Bloom, A Traveling Art Installation about OCD

Hunter Gallery at St. George’s School
372 Purgatory Road, Middletown
September 4 – October 5
Closing reception Friday, October 5 (6-7pm)

Lisa Reindorf, Sinking City 4
Lisa Reindorf: Sea of Troubles
Brown University | Granoff Center for the Creative Arts
154 Angell Street, Providence
August 28 – September 27
Opening reception Thursday, September 6 (5-7:30pm)

grimshaw gudewicz
Connections: Milisa Galazzi, Toby Sisson, and Kristin Street

Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery
Bristol Community College
777 Elsbree Street, Fall River
September 6 – October 11
Opening reception Thursday, September 6 (6-8pm)

vivian greven tru
Classic Beauty: 21st-Century Artists on Ancient [Greek] Form
Hunt-Cavanagh and Reilly Galleries
63 Eaton Street, Providence
September 12 – November 17
Opening Reception & Mini-Symposium Wednesday, September 12 (6-7:30pm)
with artists Vivian Greven & Kirstin Lamb

Donnamaria Bruton_Day-Words_Dream_Titles-551x544
Donnamaria Bruton: Part 1, The Early Years
September 14 – October 27
Cade Tompkins Projects
198 Hope Street, Providence

Mohamad Hafaz Shape of Birds Newport Art Museum
The Shapes of Birds: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa
Newport Art Museum
76 Bellevue Avenue, Newport
September 15 – December 30
pictured: Mohamad Hafez, Baggage Series #4

peter hocking chazan gallery
Sam Allerton Green and Peter Hocking: To Look and Look Again

September 20 – October 13
Chazan Gallery at Wheeler School
228 Angell Street, Providence
Opening reception Thursday, September 20 (5-8pm)
pictured: Peter Hocking, As Fire To The Sun no. 2, 2018

christopher benson through a glass darkly
Christopher Benson: Through A Glass Darkly
September 28 – October 19
Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design
9A Bridge Street, Newport
opening reception Sunday, October 5 (2-4pm)
pictured: Rose Umerlik, Balancing