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04 March 2018


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March 4, 2018 - April 1, 2018

#RIMarchMadness – Day 1

Law And Order Party’s #RIMarchMadness is a competition for readers to determine the best restaurant in the state. 64 restaurants were selected from a longlist of nearly 400 options. This year restaurants were divided into two fields and seeded according to the total number of votes they have on two websites: the one that advises […]

01 April 2017


Right Here
April 1, 2017 - April 2, 2017


El Rancho Grande played a steady game against The Slow Rhode. They flopped back and forth over the course of the day, but eventually The Slow Rhode pulled ahead, scoring 59% of the vote in the end. Meanwhile it got CRAZY over on the other side of the board. In the highest scoring game of […]

Elite 8, Day 2: March Restaurant Madness

This was the highest-scoring game of the competition thus far. All four teams brought their all, but El Rancho Grande and Rosalina totally whooped the competition. That leaves four teams: El Rancho Grande faces The Slow Rhode next, and then it’s Rosalina v. 10 Rocks.

Elite 8, Day 1: March Restaurant Madness

Eli’s Kitchen put up a good fight but they were no match for The Slow Rhode, who advance to the Final Four. Meanwhile, 10 Rocks scored a big victory over Bayon Café. They too make the Final Four.

Sweet 16, Day 4: March Restaurant Madness

The Division G final might be the biggest game of the Sweet 16. Sixth-ranked north is the only one of last year’s final four still standing, but they’re challenging #1 seed nicks on broadway in the tournament’s biggest division. This could be a call for another one of those progressive dinners, but nicks isn’t actually […]