The 2017 Dorrys

The 2nd Annual Dorrys are taking place in Fall 2017. Awards will be given out in many, many categories to the region’s best in art, music, theatre, performance, film, and literature.

For the month of July, nominations are being accepted in every category. You can nominate yourself, nominate your friends, or nominate complete strangers, as long as they are based in Rhode Island or an adjacent border town, and originally published their work between 8/1/15 and 7/31/16. (Don’t worry too much if you don’t know exact release dates, we’ll sort that out.) Finalists will be announced in mid-August.

Click here to nominate in each category:


Awards will be selected by a mix of jury votes and fan voting. The complete list of rules will be released in mid-August when voting opens. If you feel qualified to serve on a jury, drop a line to and briefly describe of your areas of expertise (theatre lover, music aficionado, film geek, etc.)