Dorrys 2016 (photo: James Lastowski)


Dorrys voting is now live! Help decide the region’s best in ART, MUSIC, DRAMA, BOOKS, FILM, and PERFORMANCE. Voting runs through 11:59pm on Sunday, November 11, and winners will be announced online on Monday, November 19.

The Dorrys are named after Thomas Wilson Dorr, one of the more important figures in Rhode Island history and an enemy of the Law and Order Party. Dorr was right, by the way.

By the way, there are 60 categories and literally hundreds of nominees, and this site is run by one guy (and this isn’t a full-time job), so spread the word, tell your friends, tell anyone who might be interested in voting, whether it’s one category or all of them. Heck, if you know any of the nominees make sure to tell them, too. You might be the first one to tell them.

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[photo: Yolandi Fizzure announcing the 2016 Dorrys. credit: James Lastowski]