What To Read – 10/18/16

Mestro Fresh Wes, Symphony In Effect

What To Read – 10/18/16

I’m currently undecided but leaning towards No on the Tiverton casino measure, so I’m reading up on the pros and cons. EcoRI is hesitant about the environmental impact of the plan.

The question about restoring the Ethics Commission seems pretty straightforward, though.

This AP story regurgitated by the ProJo surely has the best title of any news item written this past week.

Illustrations of people asking you to do your job for free.

The Black Panthers are 50; retrospectives abound.

Leonardo DiCaprio is making a Captain Planet movie because sure, why not.

The new video by British folkie Shirley Collins is pretty great, if you’re into puppets.

Some good news for democracy: reporter Amy Goodman won’t face riot charges for filming guards using dogs on protesters in North Dakota.

Here are eight brief stories about women who fell in love with dictators.

Nominees have been announced for this year’s Polaris Heritage Prize, honoring four decades of classic Canadian albums. I’m working through some of the many that I’d never heard of before, like Maestro Fresh Wes.