What To Read – 10/3/2016

The Greasy Strangler (2016)

What To Read – 10/3/2016

Ten More than ten things to read this week.

Providence resident Mark Baumer is about to walk across the United States. Barefoot.

They’re making a sequel to Step Brothers, a 2008 Will Ferrell/John C Reilly comedy that doesn’t sound remotely familiar. But they’re filming it in Cranston!

Micah Jackson recorded their set from the Dorrys afterparty and you can stream it on SoundCloud now.

Despite a clunky headline EcoRI News wrote a really nice profile of Exeter’s Tomaquag Museum.

Tonight the Providence planning commission is releasing the results of its look at the controversial 6-10 connector.

If you’re looking for a combo book fair/foliage tour, head to Northampton for the Pioneer Valley Book Fair on October 16.

The new Jenny Hval album is streaming over on NPR.

Someone mentioned Alan Magee on Facebook the other day and now I’m on a Pooh Sticks kick, which seems right for early fall.

Voting is live for the 2016 Boston Music Awards, for those of you that like your Speedy Ortiz and your Meghan Trainor.

The Big Lebowski holds a really special place in Jeff Bridges’ heart.

There’s trouble in Portlandia.

As we approach NaNoWriMo, here’s an interview with Drew Nellins Smith on the value of a writing accountability partner.

What’s a national anthem got to do with anything?

Who’s ready for The Greasy Strangler? (NSFW)