What to read – 8/29/16

Santigold, "Banshee" (2016, Kara Walker & Ari Marcopoulos)

What to read – 8/29/16


Ten things to read this week.

WBUR art critic (and former Providence Phoenix writer) Greg Cook ranks the 50 best pieces of public art in Boston, from the Make Way For Ducklings statue to the perpetual motion machine at the Museum of Science. You can tell a lot of love and research went into this one.

Speaking of ranked lists, here’s a fun list of 10 bizarre horror sexpoitation films.

And speaking of Massachusetts, get ready to weep when the people of Natick all get together to support a lesbian couple whose house got egged.

Ari Marcopoulos and RISD grad/national treasure Kara Walker made a video for “Banshee,” one of the best tracks from Santigold’s very good 99¢ album.

Brooklyn artist Jesse Chun makes beautiful things out of immigration and passport paperwork.

It might be pre-Labor Day dread, but the new album from Daptone-approved rocksteady revivalists The Frightnrs is a very, very, very good ending to summer proper. The album’s currently streaming through NPR.org.

This is last week’s news, but Cristina DiChiera (now of Brown, formerly of RISCA) spoke about Professionalizing Your Studio Practice With Business Training – listen up, artists!

Why you should read Robbe-Grillet.

On the other hand, you could just read Tilda Swinton’s 10 favorite books. Do that, actually – and start with Muriel Spark’s “completely sick” The Driver’s Seat. Which, come to think of it, has been compared to Robbe-Grillet in the past.

Speaking of books, edging upward on my to-read pile is I Am Providence, Bay Area novelist Nick Mamatas’ recently published book about a murder at an HP Lovecraft fan convention.