What To Read – 9/12/2016

Jenny Hval

What To Read – 9/12/2016

Ten things to read this week.

I’m two weeks late but Motif’s fall theater preview is roughly 1000 times more thorough than anything you will ever read here.

The forthcoming Magnificent Seven remake actually sounds pretty good.

Your fancy expensive wireless headphones are just begging to be lost.

Another castle. Always another castle.”

Another day, another story about whether Americans are reading more than ever or less than ever. This time it’s both.

If there are writhing women in creepy skintight nude suits there’s a good chance it’s another cathartic Jenny Hval video. Conceptual Romance comes from her forthcoming album Blood Bitch.

Barbara Lee, the lone dissenter in one very significant 420-1 vote just after 9/11.

12 books to explain the complicated appeal of football.

Miranda Lambert releases new video, is still good.

Person to Research When I Have More Time: Coccinelle