Law And Order Party is a Rhode Island centered arts and culture newsletter. In light of the current political moment, we are currently open to pitches from Black writers* who might find the platform useful for sharing ideas with the newsletter’s audience.

In keeping with the newsletter’s format, pitches should engage with a specific piece of culture (book, film, album, mixtape, art exhibit). Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, we are currently focusing only on work that can be viewed safely (ie. public art, street art) or at home via streaming services, ebooks, etc.

Pitches should be one or two sentences explaining what you want to write about and why. Finished pieces should be 500–750 words and will be paid $100. Pieces can be longer if the author chooses, but the pay rate is the same. Non-traditional review formats (comic, poetry, fiction) are encouraged.

If you’re interested, email party@lawandorder.party with the subject line “STORY IDEA” and include a brief bio (just a sentence or two will be fine) along with your idea. Because Rhode Island is small and everybody knows everybody else, PLEASE indicate whether you have any personal affiliation (formal or otherwise) with the project you’re writing about.

Pitches will be reviewed on a rolling basis but the call will close by June 15. 

* More general calls for writers may open at a later date, though most likely they will be unfunded since this project currently runs exclusively on Patreon subscriptions.